Top 10 Most Useful Applications – Part 2

So in our first post we gave you just 5 of the great apps we used. Below you will find the rest of our Top 10 Applications and why we use them to maximize our business. We hope they can help you as much as they have helped our team.

The traditional method for taking notes via pen and paper is all well and good, unless you’re wanting to share the notes digitally across your team. For this, we use Evernote, a digital notebook application with the ability to share notes with any number of team members.

Evernote can be a digital notebook for a single person or an entire team, either way it is a highly organized way to keep notes. The ability to effortlessly flip through months of notes at a glance is worth the switch. Furthermore, Evernote automatically syncs with all devices including iPad and iPhone, thus eliminating the need to carry around a notepad.

Finally, and most importantly, the ability to sync notes across multiple users is above and beyond any notepad out there. A single note can be edited by multiple team members and synced without effort. Knowledge is power, and Evernote is the vault for that power.

There are copious amounts of niche market apps and tools to handle screenshots, free or paid, but we prefer SnagIt. It has a clean system design, customizable shortcuts, and many features to make using it a breeze.

The most powerful facet of SnagIt is its’ ability to type and illustrate directly on the screenshot. This enables anyone to mark changes directly on a site screenshot, as opposed to giving the page link along with a paragraph description of what to do. Not only does it capture screenshots, it also has the ability to record short screen capture videos. This is perfect for a quick instructional tutorial or interactive problem.

We employ this system to more easily pass notes, content and edits throughout our team. Furthermore, our clients have begun using it to depict desired changes, which is preferable to 5 emails describing a task. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We have used countless mapping tools, Gliffy is far and away the best. It’s a lightweight web application, no downloads or local application required. It has a multitude of built in map objects and shapes to use as a guide, sort of like a theme for WordPress. If the preferred shape isn’t present, an image upload function is available. This system has been invaluable to our team for mapping sales funnels and workflows for our clients.

Using a meeting service just to show a teammate or client your screen is overkill and most times a screenshot just won’t cut it, thankfully we discovered Join.Me. It has live screen sharing ability and conference call integration, the best of both worlds all packaged in a lightweight desktop application.

Anyone can make use of this tool with the free account service. Each use generates a unique url to distribute to whomever you wish to view your screen. Once connected, the presenter can use built in functions to point out content, highlight and draw, or even pause the presentation if needed.

If you plan to use this service on a regular basis, we recommend getting the paid version. It provides a dedicated url and other great perks the average user never needs. Simple truth, Skype bogs down bandwidth, and most conference lines don’t carry screen sharing abilities, that all goes down the tube when Join.Me enters the picture. It easily handles live screen sharing with voice calling.

There are many hearty webinar services on the market, but many are just too bulky. We prefer to use Stealth Seminar. The system is simple, versatile, and has an awesome customer support team.

One of the great perks of this service is the clean integration with Infusionsoft. Add as many, or as few, triggers as you need and get the tracking you want out of your webinar broadcast. This integration will store all of the pertinent details on contact records inside Infusionsoft. This allows the merging of data into all follow up emails, without ever having to manually add details for each event.

It also has an array of prebuilt registration page template styles for the basic user. In addition to the style options, the broadcast system has a variable schedule built in for the any user to employ. Events can run as a single or recurring scheduled broadcast, be set as a dedicated replay, or even use live streaming. Every webinar system has its’ upside, but we find Stealth Seminar offers the most benefits available for what truly counts, running the webinar.


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    Thanks much Josh for mentioning StealthSeminar. Much appreciated.


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