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Infusionsoft is the ultimate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service we have used. It gives a vast array of tools and features to comprehensively manage contacts, sales, fulfillment, and follow up.

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It fully manages all email marketing needs, from single broadcasts to complete follow up and nurture sequences. Once a contact is on your list, you can tag, note, and manage them through any required process.

Infusionsoft also offers the ability to sell any type of product or subscription. Including the ability to build single-product order forms or robust shopping carts.

If that weren’t enough, it merges emails and sales together in the Campaign Builder. Seamlessly integrate sales and fulfillment in an easy-to-manage, organized system. The best part, it shows funnels in a visual map style with reports for each step of the flow.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Allowing you to see how many people are currently in the funnel as well has how many people have already completed the flow.

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If you have a remote team or true sales floor, Infusionsoft has tools to manage them as well. You can create “opportunities”, assign tasks, and much more to keep operations running smoothly.

Last, but certainly not least, the referral partner service. Infusionsoft has a one-stop-shop for affiliate promotions, complete with customized link set up to track sales, and mark leads, all without requiring any technical set up. Referral partners (also known as affiliates) have a dedicated login area to access their links, stats, and materials; therefore making it easier for them to make you more money! Infusionsoft is truly a one-stop-shop, all packaged in a tidy, yet powerful, online application.

So if you are looking for a complete sales and marketing system to automate your funnel, Infusionsoft is your best bet.


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