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Well here we are, middle of a call and the client wants to see something right now, don’t panic just Join.Me.

This tool is the ideal quick-fire presenter for anyone in need. It is a lightweight app to install and loads in a second. Allow presenter switching, viewer management, and pause sharing. If you want to do more, a paid account will give you a dedicated url address, visual presentation tools, and the ability to secure your presentations so only authorized users can connect.

To utilize Join.Me , simply download and install the app, then start it up. You get the choice to ‘Join’ or ‘Share’ your screen. If you have a paid account, you get the added ‘Share’ option to use your personal link. - App

JOIN – View a screen share from another user. Anyone can be given a link to view a presentation. When a paid user hosts a presentation, they have the ability to pass controls to other viewers who have joined.

START – Broadcast your screen to others viewers. Start a broadcast to share your screen with other people, be it team members or clients. Paid users enjoy advanced settings such as a dedicated url and presenter tools.

These features may sound complicated but they are easy to use on a small-panel interface, seen below: - Active

From the panel you will control your presentation. All users get the broadcast controls and ability to pause the broadcast. File sharing is available along with viewer chatting, sharing controls, and viewer termination control.

The free version is all the average user needs and more than enough to get the job done. Then again, if you want to jazz things up and get more control, I would recommend a paid account.

Paid users get full user control and extended control during presentation. The extra features for presentation include: recording of broadcast, annotations (pen, highlight, ‘laser’ tools in varied colors), selective window sharing (share only a window, not just your whole screen), and conference calling.


If you need tutorial to get started, Join.Me has a great tutorial, Click Here to access the overview.


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