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With LastPass You’ll Never Forget Your Passwords

Have too many online accounts to remember? Want a secure place to keep all your logins safe? LastPass is a blend of both, offering unlimited, secure login housing. It’s perfect for a digital junkie, anyone who works online, and even the forgetful user.


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LastPass isn’t a one-trick-pony though, it has the ability to create, store, and use fill form accounts. These profiles are adaptive and hold all of your saved contact details, addresses, and anything else important. This service is very useful for testing purposes; save a fake profile, or a few, and use them to test your forms with the click of a button.

The other key feature offered is secure credit card profile storage. This makes it a breeze for anyone who utilizes frequent online ordering. Your card data is just as secure and fully encrypted as the login data.

After you’ve started saving your logins, you come to another great feature, sharing those logins. Securely share your logins with anyone using LastPass. This share gives the site url, login, and an encrypted password that will autofill when used. Unsharing the login is just as easy if needed. The other side of the share feature is “giving” the login to the other user. This is not commonly used, but we find this option useful with many technicians on staff and “giving” all logins to a centralized account.

Within LastPass, logins can be saved in folders, exactly like a computer filing system. These folders can be organized according to clients, websites, or geography if you prefer. You may ask, “Can I share an entire folder of logins?”…Yes, this is offered with a Pro account. We recommend getting the Pro account up front if you plan to use shared folders, as it’s more work to shuffle your logins around after amassing a large network in the free account. The Pro accounts gives full service, multiple users for a central account, and use of the mobile app.

If you’d like a more comprehensive overview, you can catch it here and read up on their full list of service options.


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