Webinar Hosting Is A Breeze With Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar is an easy to use service for hosting webinars and integrating them into infusionsoft. That being said, there are many features and tools available to make your webinar a success.

An array of webinar styles is offered, from pre-recorded videos to Ustream.tv and even Youtube video use. We prefer to use our own files so the videos aren’t accidentally blocked or deleted in one of the aforementioned services.

In addition to flexibility of video use, Stealth’s built in construct allows the user to set the webinar availability from an easy-to-use tool panel.

Stealth Seminar - Options Tool Panel

Beyond just the videos and broadcast times, Stealth provides an array of options to choose how to interact with your attendees. Most options are a simple checkbox style change. It has a bevy of pre-designed templates for registration pages to present the form to the prospects, no coding required!

Webinar Template
Finally, the best part, the clean integration into infusionsoft and other email services is extremely beneficial. Rather than a complicated API system, Stealth provides clean integration. Each webinar broadcast event is tied to an action. This allows control of each event separately.

In summary, Stealth has many great features and settings, if you want to know more go hit up their site, they have feature lists and even a demo webinar to let you take it for a test drive.


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  • Geoff Ronning

    Josh, thanks much for your kind words about StealthSeminar. They are sincerely appreciated. If there is anything I can ever do to help just ask.

    Geoff Ronning
    StealthSeminar Co-Founder


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